Many of our puppies live Canada wide. Not everyone that owns our dogs live with in a reasonable driving distance. For those that live a little further away, we offer transportation options:

-puppies flying home with their family can fit in cabin and classify as a 'carry on', cost is usually about $70, this may vary with individual airlines. When flying with a puppy as a carry on you will be responsible for all details.

For all cargo puppy travel, we take care of all of the booking details. We let adoptive families know when & where to pick up their puppy. No extra work is required of the adoptive family.

-when puppies fly solo (in cargo) we make all the arrangements, you simply pick the puppy up when she arrives. Puppies flying solo going to areas that the Northern airlines or Central Mountain Air will fly to usually end up about $275

-puppies flying into areas that the smaller airlines does not have service to will fly through WestJet, cost is $400. We do not mark up our transportation, it is basically the cost of the flight, kennel and a bit for travel cost (fuel) to get to/from the airport. We do not charge for our time that it takes to get to/from the airport.  

Puppies that are being transported are pre-kennel trained using the same kennel that they will travel in, reducing travel stress. Cost of transport by air includes the flight ticket, kennel that pup is shipped and delivery to airport. We will do all bookings and ensure all is taken care of prior to shipping.

Puppies flying with in Canada and off to Mexico, South American locations and most European locations must be 8+ weeks old prior to shipping. Puppies travelling into the US must be minimum 16 weeks of age. Additional health clearances & vaccines needed by your country are additional to the shipping costs as outlined above.