kennel visitation

Ravine Acres was established in 2007, we strive to match the right puppy to each adoptive family. Our dogs are our family pets and incorporated into our family as such. We are confident that our breeding experience and positive feedback will help you make the right adoptive choice.

Puppy visits...

Due to popular demand, we are once again opening up to outside visitation.  

Please be advised that we are in the process of building a farm.  Our kennel is not fancy, it started as a hay field about 1 year ago.  Little by little it is coming together, it is a currently a construction zone and a work in progress.  That doesn't take away from our dogs' happiness though, they have a beautiful life of quading, adventures and being part of our family.

-If you would like to come out for a brief meet and greet and see the dogs, visits are limited to 20 minutes in duration. 20 minutes is more than sufficient for you to determine whether you are interested in adopting from us and if you like the look/temperment of our dogs.  

Due to the fact that unfortunately many people have been coming out simply for entertainment, those that don't really know if they want a puppy or are interested in playing with the puppies and want to remain here for an extended amount of time, we will ask for a refundable deposit of $50.   This deposit will reimbursed upon your puppy purchase if/when you do adopt! This way I am able to allocate my time to people that are actually serious in adopting from us. We ask that the visits be kept to a maximum of 1 hour.  

Interested in playing with puppies but don't really want to adopt one? We've had so many people ask for this, we might as well explore this option. We welcome you (and your children) to play, cuddle, run around with...and give love to puppies. We will ask for a liability waiver to be signed. Cost is $40 for the first 1/2 hour, $15 for each additional 30 minutes. There is no time limitation for this service. Limit of 4 people per group, $5/person additional if the group exceeds 4.  

***Please have 1 responsible adult for every 5 children to supervise.